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As Wilmington's premiere provider of holistic chiropractic services, we provide patients with the tools to accomplish total body health. Using network spinal analysis, wellness counseling, and emotional healing, we support the transition into positive permanent life changes. Everybody and every body is unique. We develop treatment plans to cater to patients' individual needs and encourage patients to take an active role in their healthcare.

Ultimately, we enable you to Feel Better Now!

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Think your best

Release negative thinking and mental blocks

Boost focus and creativity

Let go of stress and anxiety

Connect to higher levels of peace and mental clarity

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Feel your best

Release physical stress, tension, and pain

Heal injuries and strains

Achieve balanced body equilibrium

Reach new levels of strength, flexibility, and resilience

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Be your best

Experience freedom from self-imposed limitations

Break through negative patterns to reach increasing states of wholeness

Tap into a deeper realization of purpose

Expand into greater capacities of joy and freedom


Experience the transformation

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Network Spinal Chiropractic

Network Spinal (NS) is an innovative, evidence based chiropractic approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle, precise touches along the spine in a specific sequence elicit a deep brain/body connection, which then helps the body release stored stress and produce lasting recovery. The outcome is not only a profound release of tension, pain, and misalignment, but also an increased ability for the body to adapt to future physical, mental and emotional stress.

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Wellness Counseling

Offering a tailored approach to each individual’s health and wellness goals, our wellness counseling services provide a personalized strategy of lifestyle changes that are achievable and highly effective.  Incorporating multiple approaches including food sensitivity testing, supplement counseling, and exercise program development, a plan of attainable and powerful steps are implemented to achieve optimal health and well-being. 

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Emotional Healing

Emotional Polarity Technique™ is an innovative holistic healing therapy with over 25 years of clinical success in alleviating depression, anxiety, physical and emotional pain in children and adults. It uses the power of forgiveness to resolve the adversity in life that causes sickness, chronic pain and difficult relationships. This technique will help you identify and release what is preventing you from creating the success, health and relationships you desire.

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Meet Dr. Kristen Patton Gibbs

Dr. Kristen Patton Gibbs is a Network Spinal chiropractor, wellness counselor, and emotional healer who specializes in transformative holistic health care. Her practice, Feel Better Now, Inc. has been serving the Wilmington, NC area since 2009.

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